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Galileo Games Releases Heart of the Fury For Bulldogs!

You'd think that being part of a starship crew would already mean lots of action and adventure. And you would be right. However, nothing can quite prepare you for the coming of the Fury, an event that will shake the whole galaxy more than the biggest supernova. That's just what's happening though, and your crew has been sent to go check it out. That's the story behind Heart of the Fury, a new campaign supplement for Bulldogs!

The Fury are a new group that are taking over areas of the Frontier Zone. And they seem to be doing rather well. Most of the civilizations they face not only surrender quickly, but they even switch sides and join in the conquest. This story is played out over a dozen different adventures in the book. But more than just a new set of adventures, there's also the new Psychic skill, as well as three new alien races for you to try out.

You can pick up your copies now.