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Gale Force Nine's GenCon 2011 previews Day 1

Gale Force 9 have posted their first GenCon 2011 preview.

From their announcement:
Gen Con 2011 is under way and Gale Force Nine is there with lots of great gaming accessories, hobby supplies and wargames terrain. At the show we are giving attendees a sneak peak of some of our upcoming Battlefield in a Box terrain sets. For the next four days, we’ll be posting some pictures of some of these terrain pieces online for all to see.

First up is a new pair of terrain features, Escarpments. These are small rises that drop off to a sheer rock face. These hills can be used with any scale of wargame; serving as towering cliff faces for 15mm based games or rocky cover for 28mm games. The Escarpments terrain will be available in two pre-painted styles, gray granite rocky style or a windblown desert style. Along with two terrain features, each set will also include two bags of GF9 Hobby Scenics basing material; an appropriate colored static grass and a contrasting colored flock.

Gen Con 2011 is also the place where you’ll be the first to see (and purchase) our new wave of Dungeons & Dragons Officially Licensed Game Accessories. Visit the GF9 website for more details and photos.

Check back tomorrow as we reveal more Battlefield in a Box terrain and continue our look at our new Dungeons & Dragons gaming accessories.