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Gale Force Nine Previews Traveling in Time of the Daleks

There are a lot of iconic items in Doctor Who. From giant scarves to the sonic screwdriver, but even those pale in comparison to the TARDIS. Yes, the police call box that's bigger on the inside and is actually capable of traveling all through space and time, taking the Doctor and his companions all around in order to keep the universe safe. Well, in Time of the Daleks, you'll be able to use your TARDIS, but you need to know how to work the controls, first.

From the preview:

“Have you ever thought what it's like to be wanderers in the Fourth Dimension?”

In Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks players can move through both time and space to have adventures and thwart evil where ever it appears. Traveling is such an important concept to Doctor Who that it gets its own step, the Travel Step.
The Travel Step
During this step you fly your TARDIS to a new location or try to solve an unfinished Dilemma at your current location. When traveling to a new location you roll the TARDIS die. If you roll the TARDIS symbol you may go to a location of your choice. If you roll the Question Mark symbol, the TARDIS decided she knew where you ought to be, and you go to a random location from the top of the deck.

Traveling to a New Location
If you wish to move to a Location other than Earth or a Time Anomaly, you must roll the TARDIS die.

• On a roll of a TARDIS Symbol, you may either: Move your Doctor marker to any Time Zone on any Location in play, or Draw two Location tiles. Discard one and place the new Location tile on the table. Move your Doctor marker to one of the Time Zones on the new Location.

• On a roll of a Question Mark Symbol, the TARDIS has decided that she knows where you need to be. Draw a Location tile and place it on the table, then move your Doctor marker to one of the Time Zones on that Location.