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Gale Force Nine Previews The Klingon Empire For Star Trek: Ascendancy

Gale Force Nine is coming out with a new Star Trek game this summer. It's called Star Trek: Ascendancy and it's a bit different than most of the other Star Trek games out there. Others tend to focus on just the Federation, or put you in charge of a handful of ships. In Ascendancy, you are in control of an entire civilization. The base game has the Federation, the Romulans, and the Klingons, whom we get a preview of today.

As one would expect, the Klingons are all about war. They love nothing more than finding a worthy adversary... and then destroying them in combat. As such, in the game, the Klingon player will gain bonus Culture Tokens whenever they win a space battle. However, they also never allow themselves to retreat or surrender. As such, once they start a battle, they must see it through to the end, even if that means their utter destruction. So they must pick and choose carefully, lest they end up in a meat-grinder and lose an entire fleet. The odds can be stacked in your favor, though by the Advancement Deck, which will help hone your battle abilities and make sure you're the one in the victor's circle at the end.