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Gale Force Nine Previews The Ferengi Alliance For Star Trek: Ascendancy

Money, money, money, money, moooooneeeeeeeey!
That's basically the Ferengi national anthem. For them, it's all about what they can make money off of and how can they get it as cheaply and easily as possible. And that's just what they'll do in order to expand their reach in Star Trek: Ascendancy when their expansion set comes out. It's that set which we get a look at today.

Since things like "art" and "philosophy" mean very little to a Ferengi, except as things to be bought and sold to others, they cannot build Culture Nodes. However, they can buy Culture for 5 Production apiece. And as they're more than willing to build for profit, consequences be damned, they can build Production Nodes on any spot, regardless of a planet's Capacity to hold them. Their Rules of Acquisition, being a guideline for how they live their lives, also let them gain Production from various means, including for having a Ferengi ship around a rival's controlled system. They can also gain it by getting into wars with others (as war is good for business). They can also use Production in ways others can't, such as using it to pay for Culture when needed to with Hegemony and Colonization.