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Gale Force Nine Previews The 12th Doctor For Time of the Daleks

Doctor Who... it's almost hard to put it into perspective. It's been around basically forever, has had billions of watchers over the course of that time, and is a worldwide phenomenon. Even if you're not a die-hard fan, you generally have a knowledge of it, just by how much it has permeated our "regular" culture. Well, trying to encompass all of that into a game isn't easy. In this preview of Time of the Daleks, game designer Andrew Haught from Gale Force Nine shows us how they looked to incorporate the 12th Doctor into the game.

Andrew is nothing if not a fan of the show. As such, he has gone to great lengths to make it so when you play the 12th Doctor and his companion, Clara, in the game, you really feel that they are true and honest board-game representations of the pair. Andrew explains, "When creating the cards for the Twelfth Doctor and Clara I wanted the rules to portray their story, their connection, as well as who they are in the show. Every aspect of their cards is a reflection of who these characters are and what they mean to me a fan and a game designer. This is something I strived to do with every card. Every ability, dice symbol and rule in the game comes from somewhere in the show."