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Gale Force Nine Previews Recruiting Companions in Time of the Daleks

When one goes gallivanting all across time and space, it's a good idea to have someone go along with you. You know, someone to watch your back, talk to, and make sure your scarf is clean. That kind of stuff. In Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks, you can have companions as well. But how do you get them? That's what we get a look at here.

From the preview:

Recruiting a Companion
If you have an empty Companion space on your TARDIS Console, you may recruit a Companion at the start of your adventure.
If you are on Earth draw from the Earth Companion deck. If not, then draw from the Alien Companion deck. If you are on a Time Anomaly, you may recruit a Companion from either deck.
The newly recruited Companion card is a Part-Time Companion, and will only become a Full-Time Companion if you succeed in the Adventure. Show this by leaving a gap between the Companion card and the TARDIS Console.

Linked Companions
If you have a Link to a Companion, you may search the Companion deck for that Companion to recruit, instead of drawing one at random.