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Gale Force Nine Previews M10 (Lend-Lease) For Tanks

Before the United States actually entered into WWII, they had the Lend-Lease Program with various Allied countries. This allowed the US to give arms and equipment in support of the war effort without actually being committed to the conflict. Though I'm not entirely sure how one would use a tank after it'd been used in a world war by your friend and then given back to you. But whatever. One of the pieces lent was the M-10, which will be making its way to tabletops in Tanks in November.

With the turret on top, this self-propelled gun couldn't be easily flanked. That made it superior to much of what the Soviets were using at the time. As such, the piece saw use on the Eastern Front against the Germans. The pack for Tanks will include the M-10, the stat card, 1 hero card, 2 crew cards, and 2 upgrade cards.