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Gale Force Nine Previews Game Mechanics In Time of the Daleks

It's time to once more look into the future (of sorts) by seeing what waits in store for us in the Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks board game that's coming out from Gale Force Nine. This time around, we get a look at some of the tokens you will come across in the game, plus a bit more about how some of the dice mechanics work.

From the preview:

Card Abilities
Some Doctors, Companions, and Timey-Wimey cards have Dice Re-roll icons.
These icons grant you re-rolls of dice of their indicated colour. Each one may be used once per Adventure.
The three types of Dice Re-roll icons are:
• NUMBER: Allows you to re-roll up to that number of dice of the indicated colour.
• ANY: Allows you to re-roll any or all dice of the indicated colour.
• ALL: Allows you to re-roll all (but not anything less) dice of the indicated colour.