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Gale Force Nine Posts Tanks Introductory Scenarios

People learn in different ways. Some of you can just read a rulebook cover-to-cover and know everything you need to know about a game. Others learn by hearing the rules talked about with friends or on a podcast or something. Others still learn best by actually just trying something out. For those that are in that last group, Gale Force Nine has posted some learn-to-play scenarios for Tanks.

These new "Boot Camp" missions (of which there are 3), give players a look into some of the game cards they might not be familiar with. The missions can be played alone, or if your LGS or game club wants to have a "learn to play" day, the missions can be used as a group. You'll need a Tanks starter set, as well as three tanks that cost 25 points (or less) apiece.

The missions can be downloaded now from the GF9 website.