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Gale Force Nine Posts Star Trek: Ascendancy Rulebook

"Try before you buy." "Take a test drive." "First hit's free."
Words to live by (Well... maybe not that last one). We all know my fondness for companies that post rulebooks for their games online. The fine fellows over at Gale Force Nine have done just that for Star Trek: Ascendancy, their upcoming board game of sci-fi conquest. The rulebook is now up online for your downloading and reading pleasure.

So, you've gone and read the rulebook (or, I assume you have), and you're wondering where you can get your hands on the game. That would be two primary places: Star Trek Las Vegas and Gen Con. Both are happening the same weekend, so if you can't make it to one, perhaps you can make it to the other. Gen Con is August 4-7, while Star Trek Las Vegas is August 3-7. So those out in Sin City will get it a day ahead of time. You could, if you really wanted to get the game first, but also really wanted to go to Gen Con, get it in Vegas, then fly out to Indy.