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Gale Force Nine Posts Gen Con Plans

As we get closer to the show, we get more companies posting up what sort of awesome goodies they'll have at the show. In this case, it's Gale Force Nine. They're certainly not going to the show empty-handed. They're bringing new items for pretty much every one of their lines. You'll be able to check them out at the GF9 booth before they're released later this year.

From the announcement:

Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats puts you and your friends in the roles of the Serenity Crew as they face vicious outlaws and desperate gunslingers while trying to get the job done. We’ll be running full games in the Events Hall at Gen Con and demo games at our booth. Be sure to mosey over and join the crew for some thrillin’ heroics!

The evil Daleks have a plan to eliminate the meddlesome Doctor once and for all. Davros and his Daleks have sabotaged the web of time and are racing to prevent the Doctor from ever boarding the TARDIS to begin with in GF9’s Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks. At Gen Con play as a regeneration of the First, Fourth, Eleventh or Twelfth Doctor and team up with the other Doctors to thwart the Daleks plan! Stop by the GF9 booth and join the Doctors at Gen Con.

The Star Trek galaxy becomes even more dangerous as the relentless Borg assault the quadrant. Be among the first to experience the latest expansion for GF9’s Star Trek: Ascendancy before it’s available in stores. In the Borg Assimialtion game expansion the Borg threaten all players throughout the game, players who successfully blunt their onslaught gain access to powerful Borg technology that they can use to defeat the invaders or turn against other players!