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Gale Force Nine Announces Tyrants of the Underdark Game

Gale Force Nine and Wizards of the Coast are teaming up to bring you a new board game set in the Dungeons & Dragons world. Yes, expanding out from their line of D&D minis, Gale Force Nine is coming out with Tyrants of the Underdark, a new board game by the designers of Lords of Waterdeep. Be sure to pack a flashlight (or torch, for some of you), it's going to be dark down there.

The game is a bit of a hybrid, combining elements of deckbuilding and board control. Players are looking to conquer regions of the Underdark, bringing the power of a ruler of one of the Drow houses. Recruit monsters, turn cultists, and summon demons to increase your power and influence. There's more than one strategy style you can use in order to increase your holdings, giving you many different tactical opportunities as you play. The game seats from 2-4 players.