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Gale Force Nine Announces Star Trek: Ascendancy

Gale Force Nine has announced a brand new Star Trek game that they will be releasing later this year. Star Trek: Ascendancy takes players to familiar places in the Star Trek universe, but it a new way. Don't just control a ship or even a fleet of ships, but be in charge of an entire species as you look to expand out among the stars.


In the game, you take control of such races as the Romulans, Klingons, and Humans. Explore the galaxy, create routes between stars, build starbases, and control other systems. Create your own galactic empire.
The game will come with over 200 plastic minis and pieces for you to explore 30 different systems over which you can impose your will. has a preview up you can check out and expect more details as we get closer to the summer 2016 release date.