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Gale Force Nine Announces Special Promo Cards For Star Trek: Ascendancy

As you should hopefully know by now, Gale Force 9 is coming out with a new Star Trek board game this summer. It's called Star Trek: Ascendancy and it puts you in charge of an entire race in the Star Trek universe, each one of you trying to control as much of the galaxy as possible. Well, along with the game, certain sets are labeled 50th Anniversary Issue sets and will come with extra cards.

You'll want to be on the lookout for these special sets, as they'll come with 15 extra Exploration cards. These cards depict people, places, and events from the original series. Will you be able to survive the Game Masters of Triskelion? Can you make it through the Guardian of Forever? Or maybe you'll just load up on Tribbles.

You can make sure you get one of these limited sets by pre-ordering from your local game store.