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Gale Force Nine and Flames of War at GenCon 2011

Gale Force 9 and Flames of War will be at GenCon 2011. Desert terrain From their announcement:
Gale Force Nine returns to Gen Con this year with our full range of game and hobby accessories for your favorite miniature battle games and hobby projects. Be sure to swing by booth 1431 in the center of the Exhibition Hall and pick up our latest Battlefield in a Box terrain sets, Dungeons & Dragons game accessories and preview our upcoming releases. We’ll also have a selection of Flames of War miniatures on hand. Play in a Flames of War intro game during the show and get a sneak peek at the latest release Hellfire and Back. which covers Early War North Africa battles. GF9 will be previewing dozens of new terrain pieces for our Battlefield in a Box pre-painted gaming terrain line. At the show you’ll be able to get a close-up look at our collection of desert-themed terrain elements such as Desert Palms and Desert Oasis, our savage-looking Tribal Huts, some re-mastered favorite terrain sets and select pieces from our range of Forgotten City fantasy-themed desert terrain. If you are unable to attend the show, we’ll post select photos of these forthcoming releases every day during the show at, so be sure to check back often.
Gale Force Nine has extended our line of accessories for Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons Role-Playing Game. Throughout the rest of the year we’ll be releasing new token sets and game mats to enhance your dungeon delving and adventuring. Lucky attendees at Gen Con will be the first to purchase almost all of these new releases including token sets for the Character Classes in Player’s Handbook 2, new campaign maps detailing the worlds of the Forgotten Realms and the continent of Khorvaire from the Eberron setting and new game mats representing fantastic encounter areas from the darkest dungeons, to bustling city markets to snow-swept villages. However we only have a limited number of these accessories on hand, so be sure to get them early before they are gone. Gen Con will be one of the few places players will be able to purchase our new exclusive player token set, the Swordmage. A Swordmage combines the mastery of arcane magic with the disciplines of martial combat for a potent and versatile fighting style. A Swordmage’s blade not only bites with steel, but also with fire, lightning, or other eldritch powers. The Swordmage token set will be on sale in the Gale Force Nine booth at Gen Con. This set is not a general release and will be Hard To Find, so pick up yours while supplies last. Because this set is a special release, we will make it available through the Gale Force Nine Online Store during the four days of Gen Con. The set will be on sale Thursday morning at 11PM EST and only be available online until Sunday night. So even if you can’t attend the show this weekend, you’ll still have a chance to add this accessory to your collection. We’ll have more show details tomorrow as we begin to preview our new Battlefield in Box sets and upcoming Dungeons & Dragons releases. If you’re planning on attending Gen Con, be sure to make the Gale Force Nine / Flames of War booth #1431 a first and frequent stop. If you can’t make it to the show, we’ll do our best to bring the show to you with previews and pictures. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, PLAYER'S HANDBOOK, WIZARDS OF THE COAST and their respective logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast LLC in the USA and other countries. ©2011 Wizards. Used with permission. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.