Gale Force Nine’s GenCon 2011 previews Day 4

Gale Force 9 have posted their fourth preview of new products.

From their announcement:

Today is the final day of Gale Force Nine’s Gen Con 2011 product previews. Attendees at the show got some close up looks at our upcoming releases but we wanted to make sure everyone got a look at some the exciting new accessories we’ll be releasing in the coming months in both Battlefield in a Box terrain sets and Dungeons & Dragons Official Game Accessories.

The Battlefield in a Box Crystals set proved to be one of most popular and talked-about terrain accessory sets to date. Many of you asked for crystals in different colors and your calls have not gone unheeded. With each production run of Crystals, we’ll be rotating the colors so as to create a full spectrum of colored crystals to adorn your tabletop. Currently ice blue Crystals are making their way to store shelves; after that the next wave of Crystals will be blood red. Don’t worry, if you missed out on mysterious green Crystals, they’ll return soon.

Blue Crystals will be available through the GF9 Online Store beginning next week.

Two new and improved terrain favorites will appear on store shelves soon; Extra Large Hills. The two halves of our former two-part hill set have joined together to form an extra large terrain feature. This large difficult terrain piece will be released in two colors, gray granite rocky color or a desert sandstone coloring. Each set will also include two bags of GF9 Hobby Scenics basing material; an appropriate colored static grass and a contrasting colored flock.

Finally, here is a teasing look at our next series of terrain pieces the Forgotten City fantasy desert terrain. Each piece in this line will be a grand ruin, ancient statue or crumbling monument that has been consumed by the unyielding desert sands. We’re excited about the beauty and versatility of the pieces in this line and we’ll be show more photos in the coming months. Who knows what ancient secrets the Forgotten City holds?