Gale Force Nine’s GenCon 2011 previews Day 2

Gale Force 9 have posted their second preview of new products.

From their announcement:

Its day 2 of Gale Force Nine’s Gen Con 2011 product previews. Attendees at the show are getting a sneak peak of some of our upcoming Battlefield in a Box terrain sets. For the next three days, we’ll be posting some photos of select terrain pieces online.

We’re very excited to present our Tribal Huts. These savage structures are perfect for a small encampment of raiders or can house an entire village of marauding monsters. Hides, furs and skins have been stitched together over a frame of giant rib bones to create these bestial buildings. Our Tribal Hut terrain models are fully-painted and detailed on both the exterior and interior. There are three varieties of huts to build your village; two normal-sized buildings and a larger hut, perfect for a tribal chieftain or central longhall. Look for Battlefield in a Box Tribal Huts on store shelves soon.

Check back tomorrow as we reveal more Battlefield in a Box terrain and continue our look at our new Dungeons & Dragons gaming accessories.