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Gale Force 9/Battlefront post GenCon plans

Gale Force 9/Battlefront have posted up their plans for GenCon. Will you be there?
I will. Stop by. Say hi. It'll be fun.

From the announcement:

With Gen Con now just over a month away we are ready to start filling spaces in the gaming hall for our scheduled program. Every year this show gets bigger for us and this year is no exception. In the gaming hall we will be running a set of scheduled games for both Spartacus & Firefly.

For Spartacus fans we have some four player and six player, last time slot of each day, games scheduled. These games will be run using the main game and expansion components. Your need to be familiar with the game as we have some fun additional twists to throw in so all you veteran Domini should book a slot as with every ticket booked you will also get a selection of promo cards to add to your game. Tickets are just $2 USD each. As well as the scheduled games we also have a walk up demo table running in the same hall so if you have never played and want to have a go just come by between 10am – 7pm each day.

For Firefly we have a four player games scheduled every day. Although right now you won't know how to play over the course of the next month we are going to show you how so that by the time you get to the show you will be prepared as best as you can be for the real deal. We will be running a walk up full game demo in the hall as well and have tables on our retail stand for the "quick and dirty" version but the best way to try this out is to book yourself into one of the spaces. Just like Spartacus as an added bonus all players who participate in scheduled games will be walking about with some very shiny promo cards. Tickets are just $2 USD each.