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Gale Force 9 to unveil Firefly board game at GenCon

Gale Force 9 will be unveiling the Firefly board game at GenCon this weekend.
I'm gonna be trying it.

From the announcement:

This year Gale Force Nine will be unveiling Firefly: The Game, one of the most anticipated releases at Gen Con. Scheduled games and demos will be running throughout the weekend and if you like what you see you can be one of the first people in the US to get your hands on a copy of the game. Every box sold at the show will also include a resin Alliance Cruiser. This high-quality game piece is exclusive to our Gen Con customers.

Download the Firefly: The Game rulebook and prepare for Gen Con
To help players get their Firefly class ship up and running even faster at Gen Con we have a copy of the new Firefly: The Game rules here for download so you can plot your course through the 'Verse in advance.