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Gale Force 9 taking pre-orders for D&D Collector's Series sets

Gale Force 9 has started taking names of those of you that want their new D&D Collector's Series sets as soon as they're available. Be the first gamer on your block with these when they're released.

From the announcement:

As many of you will have already heard, earlier this year we expanded our license agreement with Wizards of the Coast to include a new category Dungeons & Dragons Collector Series Miniatures. This premium range of models sculpted by some of the best names in the business and reproduced in the highest quality resin on the market is something never before done within the Dungeons & Dragons universe and we are very excited about what the future holds.

This range was conceived out of a desire to create the best miniatures in 30mm that D&D has ever seen utilising the enormous universe of material to pick and choose the best candidates to bring to life. This is not a range of basic characters but specialty themed sets and creatures that fit with the D&D release schedule to bring to life key moments from the mythos. We have drawn on the vast array of artwork and worked closely with the D&D creative team to choose and pose great models to stimulate the enthusiast, painter and collector alike.