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Gale Force 9 Releases Latest Figures For Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Line

With many Dungeons & Dragons players heading to the dark and foreboding land of Barovia, it'd be handy to have some miniatures that help bring some 3D to your gaming tabletop. Hence the next release for the Dungeons & Dragons Collector's Series of miniatures from Gale Force 9. They bring you Rudolph van Richten & Ezmerelda d'Avenir.

Rudolph van Richten has been studying Strahd for longer than most, and still survives to tell the tale. He knows, though, that the famous vampire would easily take him in a fight. And so he bides his time, looking for the right moment to strike and sharing his knowledge with his students. Students such as Ezmerelda d'Avenir. Will the two be able to defeat Strahd and bring some sunshine into the dark land of Barovia?
That's up to the dice and the DM to decide.