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Gale Force 9 Releases 2 new Air-Themed Sets for D&D

Gale Force 9 has two new air-themed sets (seems appropriate) that they have released as part of their collector series of D&D miniatures. The first is the Air Myrmidon, which is an elemental bound to a magical set of armor and used at the whims of its creator. The other is the Aerisi Kalinoth & Air Priest (who could have very likely created the aforementioned Myrmidon). This is a two-mini set. These are both limited edition sets, so if you want yours, you'd better get in on it.

From the release:

Aerisi Kalinoth & Air Priest (71043)

Aerisi Kalinoth is the air prophet of the Elder Elemental Eye and leader of the Cult of the Howling Hatred. Tall and slender, with dark hair and (illusory) dark-feathered wings that gently fan the air, Aerisi Kalinoth speaks to her people in a whisper that belies her violent temper—a temper that reveals itself whenever she is denied.

Contains 2 unpainted, unassembled resin figures.

Sculpted by Giorgio Bassani

Air Myrmidon (71044)

Elemental myrmidons are elementals conjured and bound by magic into ritually created suits of plate armor. In this form, they possess no recollection of their former existence as free elementals. They exist only to follow the commands of their creators.

Contains 3 resin parts.

Sculpted by Charles Woods