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Gale Force 9 Posts New Releases

Gale Force 9 has updated their website and offers new products in terrain and Dungeons & Dragon accesories:

From their post:

Battlefield in a Box: Warped Stone (BB544)
Across the world men covet the power of these Warped Stones as they can be used to create items of great power! However where-ever these fragments of power drop it is not just greedy men looking for an easy road to power, there are also other creatures forever changed by their close encounters that will easily kill an unwary scavenger!

"Neverwinter" Vinyl Campaign Map 30" x 42" (72762)
Neverwinter was founded by Lord Halueth Never and sits on the northwestern coast of Faerûn. Some say that it competes with Waterdeep as one of the most well known cities in the Forgotten Realms. There is only a limited time though to enjoy the sights and sounds of this city as the coming of the Spellplague will forever change Neverwinter!

Invisibility Stand-Ins Set 1 and Set 2
Whether caused by the power of a magic item - perhaps a powerful ring... or by a wizards spell, the power of invisibility allows your character to reach places they may otherwise never get to, to ambush inwary foes, or even just to cause a little trouble!