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Gale Force 9 Posts Gen Con Announcement

We're less than a week to the big show. That's Gen Con... so as to make sure I'm not confusing anyone there.
Of the many vendors that will be there, that includes Gale Force Nine. And they have quite a lot planned for the event. There's some new models. There's some new expansions to games. And there's some brand new games. It's a little something for everyone.

Starting out with a bang, they will have WWE Superstar Showdown at the show. This new game lets you take on the role of some of your favorite professional wrestlers and hit the mat in order to take home the championship belt. There's only a limited number that will be available, so be sure to stop by the booth early to make sure you get your copy.

If you're not a wrestling fan, that's alright. Perhaps you prefer it out in the black. That's fine. You can pick up both the Esmeralda and Jetwash expansions for the Firefly board game. Also, they will have new, customizable ships for the game. Set II of these ships gives you more ways to distinguish your ship from the others playing. You can't go around in what someone else is flying! Along with that, there's a new game mat that combines the basic map with the one from Blue Sun and Kalidasa. Didn't know about Kalidasa? Well, then surprise! That's a new expansion for the Firefly game that GF9 will have a limited number of copies of at the show. Shiny.

If you'd rather go Fantasy than Sci-Fi, that's certainly fine as well. You can pick up the latest D&D Collector's Series Miniatures at the show (along with any you might've missed up to this point). I might pick up one of those Red Dragons.

As if that weren't enough, they'll also have all the various tokens and template sets you know and love from GF9, as well as their Homeland: The Game and Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem games.