Gale Force 9 posts Dust Tactics: Wave 8.1

By Polar_Bear
In Alternate History
Jul 4th, 2013

Gale Force 9 has a preview up of what’s coming out for Dust Tactics in Wave 8.1.

From the announcement:

The latest innovations in Axis aircraft technology have arrived! This box contains one Axis aircraft that can be configured into two variants. “Der Adler” rules the skies with its powerful air-to-air X-4 Missiles, while “Der Blitz” scours the battlefield with salvos of deadly laser fire.

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  • blkdymnd

    New Horten, so pretty

  • blkdymnd

    Oh, and again if it matters, Battlefront are making these announcements, not GF9. Semantics probably, but Battlefront is using GF9 as a placeholder for announcements until their actual Dust website goes live.

    • True, though if I tell people “Battlefront” and they click and head to GF9’s site and don’t know the relationship between the two, I’d get replies of “that’s GF9’s site! Not Battlefront!”

      • Soulfinger

        I would do that even if I was aware of the relation.

        • And there we have it.
          Knew I could count on you, Souly.

  • Grim6

    I think it’s a pretty good distinction that this is made on the GF9 site, instead of the Flames of War site (which is the Battlefront primary site, if I’m not mistaken). After FFG made the announcement that Battlefront was taking over Dust, I looked on the site (especially after the 1 June hand over date) and saw little mention of Dust, which was disappointing. It’s good to know that Dust might be carried under the GF9 brand, rather than the Battlefront / FoW brand and site.

    • blkdymnd

      Again, GF9 is just a placeholder. BF will have their logo in place of the FFG one on the product, and the Dust universe will have it’s own website soon.

      • Soulfinger

        Either way, this game won’t be nearly as good without Fantasy Flight distributing it. There is always a sexy red lipstick kiss on my invoice form whenever I order from them. Who else does that?

        • cybogoblin

          Hasslefree sometimes include Pixy Sticks-like candy with their shipments. I prefer that to lipstick’d invoices, especially when my wife’s around.

        • KelRiever

          Wait a second…people play Dust Tactics?

          Okay, okay, I know they do. But all I can think about when I see that jet fighter is buying one, taking to a Games Workshop Apocalypse event, and hurling it full speed at all the miniatures on the table.

          Now, you say, “How dare you think of damaging so many of people’s painted miniatures!” To which I say, “Who paints miniatures for a Games Workshop Apocalypse event besides the GW studio team?”

          The explosion of Finecast Resin alone might be worth it.

          • If you have that much cash burning a hole in your pocket, how bout you pya me to come up with more sensible ways to ridicule GW that does not involve physical violence towards toys. Also you really must hate GW since it comes up a lot. You’ve peaked my curiosity – what happened? I mean I know they are a company that is out to make money. Most companies are, but they must’ve done something horrible to you, like set fire to your cat or stolen your lunch for 2 decades running or something of equal bullying power… I am genuinly interested.

            As for the Dust stuff – I think it looks mostly awesome, since before it was a game with the resin kits. They were always on the expensive side though, and I have never seen the game version up close and as such I am worried about the uhmm… “toy” like qualities of the plastic and models? As far as I can gather it has a lot in common with AT-43 which was supposedly based on the souce (if I am not mistaken). Any input?

          • blkdymnd

            For your Dust questions…

            It was never a game with the resin kits, the resin kits are collector kits for the most part, though they’ll be useable in game soon.

            Expensive?? How so? It’s one one of the expensive games to enter into and stay with. You can build a full Tactics or Warfare army for way less than $250.

            Plastic, not toy like at all really. It is softer than some and does suffer some bendy weapon syndrome. But it paints up as beautifully as anything out there and the vehicle kits are more detailed and half the price of any GW kit out there. And I can drop these off a table and they live 🙂

            Lastly on the AT:43 connection, it doesn’t really share anything with AT:43 except Paolo being one of the (business smarter) designers for Rackham, now creating his own universe, and there are a few model similarities that are carrying over. Dust is definitely its own thing and when you can play two completely different rule sets with one line of miniatures, it’s pretty awesome.

            There’s a ‘How it’s Played” or “Watch it Played” YouTube series covering the Dust Warfare side, which is done really well.

          • blkdymnd

            *least expensive games to enter into.

            Typed in a hurry

          • Thank you for taking the time to write that 🙂 I didn’t mean the Dust game was expensive – I meant the resin kits were and I am more interested in the modelling part of the hobby rather than the gaming – that was why I was interested in the gaming version models since they are quite nicely priced… Seems to me I simply have to pick one up…

            Yes it’s the bendy weapons that I am worried about.

          • KelRiever

            Games Workshop must be stopped before it clears Yavin and fires at the moon with the rebel base. I thought that was clear to everyone.

            Tone doesn’t really translate over the internet. To make it sound like I have a problem with GW and that’s the issue, though, is a bit of a misunderstanding, though. Seriously? I am hardly in the top 10, or even top 100, people picking on that lousy company. But the point is, I pick on them for two reasons: It is EASY, and it is fun. GW jokes write themselves. Do I dislike them? Yeah. Do I really care enough about them to be as you described me? Uh, no. Basically, the bottom line is I think they are an sh*le company, but they aren’t the first. And for all the problems that seem to abound by them, I probably have more fun mocking GW than playing their games. Having said that, I still play WHFB and intend to play 40k, and even occasionally purchase something from them. Not enough to matter, though.

            But you can expect me to keep on mocking them. Because again, it is easy and it is fun.

            Note, I was mocking Dust Tactics too. sarcasm From which you can consider that I hate them from the bottom of my bowels, those child thieves making up their plastic crap WWII fantasy planes that look like something an Ork would fly! /sarcasm

          • @ kelriever
            Heh, I suppose it would be different if I actually played stuff… I imagine I would be more annoyed then. I also lived in Australia for a while and yeah – they must hate their customers over there with those prices.

            Your passionate dislike just comes off as someone that’s been hmm… bereived of something? It’s like you have a stake in it you know – like you want to like them but they backstabbed you 😉 That’s kind of what is amusing with your comments (by all means do continue). As far as I can tell their business model is that of pure profit and as such a bit short sighted as they do seem to have a lot of pissed off former fans.

            I am in it for the modelling hobby/painting… As such I am not really faithful to any particular company… I have my annoyances and pet peeves etc. Mostly it has to do with quality control which I find quite lacking in general today. I also feel passionately about blatant off-ripping 😀 I am all for original interpretations and such of well-known characters and I even like me some movie/game characters in miniform, but I am not particularly fond of some of the practices commonplace in the hobby to work around paying licensing fees.

          • KelRiever

            No problem. I’ll probably have to have a talk with, you know, any demons that might have possessed me. If one did, it probably owned a Chaos Dwarf army from way back when, and is using my body for its plan of vengeance.