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Galaxy Defenders' Kickstarter Last Minute: New Pledge Level Opened

Ares Games is in their final couple hours over on Kickstarter for their Galaxy Defenders Kickstarter campaign. Even with just a few hours left, they've opened up a new pledge level.

Go Lab


From the update:

In its final hours, Galaxy Defenders Season 2 campaign on Kickstarter, “The Earth Strikes Back!”, open a new "door" into the project - The GD Lab level. This new pledge level gives to a backer only the three exclusive KS figures - Tritium, Niobium and Xeno-Lord, at $35.00, with shipping worldwide for these three figures included.

The GD Lab backers will have the chance to upgrade from The Lab to any other level with the Pledge Manager. So, if you are a fan of Galaxy Defenders, and you cannot commit now to the higher pledge levels, this is a good way to support the project!

With more than $260,000 pledged and over 1270 backers, the Galaxy Defenders campaign on Kickstarter reached more than 25 stretch goals adding a lot of value in add-ons. Tuesday, June 17th, is the last day to pledge. The campaign ends on June 18th at 3:00 AM CEST (1 AM UTC/GMT).