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Galakta Games Posts Rulebook for Wanted: Rich or Dead Online

Longtime readers know I love it when a company posts a rulebook for their games online. You can check out the rules and see if the game's for you. Also, having electronic versions of the book can really come in handy. In this case, the game is Wanted: Rich or Dead, an old-western shootout game for 2-5 players from Galakta Games.

About the game:

Galakta Games, known mainly as a publisher of such titles as This War of Mine: The Board Game, published a rulebook for their new game: Wanted: Rich or Dead.

It's a quick and simple game for 2-5 players about the Old West gunslingers who came to rob the town - each one of his own, so the shootouts can't be avoided. Each player will play as one of a unique gunslingers with a simple goal - to rob more cash than others and escape the town.