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Galactic Baroque RPG Universe Generator

Pelius Society is running a Kickstarter for their Galactic Baroque RPG Universe Generator. It's for the DMs that need to come up with whole worlds at a time.

Galactic Baroque


From the campaign:

Finally! A random star system generator for roleplaying games that captures the vastness and variety of space, time, and technology.

Exploring strange new worlds and civilizations is one of the most exciting aspects of science fiction. In many cases, though, these worlds are merely variations of our own, with cultures and technology not much farther beyond what is over our present horizon.

With Galactic Baroque RPG Universe Generator, your horizons will be vastly expanded. Not merely a random solar system creation engine, this tabletop roleplaying game supplement can also generate exotic, far future locales that better reflect where super- and ultra-advanced technology will take us. Does humankind still live in trees or caves? Of course not; we learned to build our own habitations long ago. Likewise, this system can generate civilizations of terraformed planets, megaengineered space colonies, ringworlds, stargates, and more!