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G.O.T. Scenery price changes

Antenociti's Workshop have posted details of changes in their pricing for their G.O.T. scenery range. From their announcement:
The new prices for GOT Scenery are now in place and, in most cases, the prices have gone down. (Yup, down). Whilst the costs of silicone and resin have both increased over the last year we have swapped to a different type of mould material which has allowed us to introduce the better prices. This is entirely down to the longevity of the moulds which, with the new material, have dramatically increased. The mould-cost for resin items is a major component of the manufacturing cost, so increasing how long the mould lasts, without any degradation, tearing and so forth, means that we can make significant savings on per-cast costs. Over the last year we have kept records on how long the individual moulds have lasted for each product, testing each mould to the end of its useful life and then factoring in those new life-times to the overall cost of the items. In most cases this has produced a significant saving which will be reflected in the new prices. It is worth noting that some of the items will have increased in price and this is due to the increased resin costs outweighing the saving on mould longevity.
Check their website for full details and a list of new prices.