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G.O.T. Recon-Squad Jet-Bike preview

Antenociti's Workshop have posted a preview of their Recon-Squad Jet-Bike model and rider. Recon-Squad Jet-Bike From their website:
This is the first miniature in what will become the Recon-squad (pack). The final pack will consist of four figures on three bikes, the one shown here, another solo rider on the “Norton Scout”, and then the “Norton-Commando” bike which i the long-range 2-man bike with a new stowage-pack. There will also be weapons-pod options for each of the bikes. Not yet for sale as we are waiting for the other bikes and figures to complete the set, but as he’s panted-up I thought it was worthwhile showing some images. The figures comes on a tab which extrudes from the Rider’s left knee, so he can be placed right onto a slotta-base for those who want a simple fitting. However, the figure was designed to indicate speed-turning and manoeuvrability, so if the tab is removed the figure can be pinned through the length of his though, from his knee. That angle of pinning allows you to rotate the miniature about an angle which raises or lowers the way that the figure is pointing the Gauss-Carbine: in other words you can alter the angle of turn, and the angle the weapon is firing, by rotating the entire miniature about a single point.