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G-men, Gangsters and Spies added to's Force20 figure range

TableTopScale has new G-Men, Gangsters and Spies available in 20mm over in their webshop.


From the release: has just released G-men, Gangsters and Spies (DS-02)as part of its Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures range.

DS-02 provides intriguing characters to move in-and-out of the shadows, local warehouses, and taverns, and includes six G-men (with pistols, a shotgun, a BAR, and Thompson SMGs), two Gangsters - armed with a double-barreled shotgun and pump shotgun - and two shifty types armed with Mauser M1938 pistols; are they Gestapo Agents or Abwehr V-men?

Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures are produced in 20mm scale with standard packs containing five figures and Diorama Special (DS) packs contaning 9-10 figures. DS-02 has a SRP of US$11.99

Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures are available from, Elhiem Figures, and Sgt. Major's Miniatures.