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Fury: Outburst Control Skirmish Game on Kickstarter

Fury: Outburst Control sounds like an anger management class, but it's really a miniatures skirmish game (specifically of the Arcane Punk Antica genre, as they call it). The game was originally made by Whispe Editions, but it's now under the control of Forge Studio. As the new group takes control, they're looking to expand the game with new heavy weapons and a new starter set for the Pirates.


Fury: Outburst Control is made in 32mm scale and is played on a 2'x2' table (for most games. It'll go up to 2'x4' if you're playing a big game). As for that genre listed above, the game doesn't take itself too seriously. There's a mix of influences such as video games, history, fantasy, and pop culture.
The rules are free to download... though they're not available in English yet. But the team's working on it.

The campaign is right around 4/5 funded and still has 39 days to go to make that last 1/5 and go through stretch goals.