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Fury of Dracula Now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

Seems like this would be the perfect time of year to release a board game based on one of the classic monsters in all of literature. As such, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce that you can now pick up Fury of Dracula from either your LGS or from their very own webshop.


In the game, one player plays as Dracula, who is looking to extend his control over Europe through all sorts of nefarious means. Meanwhile, 1-4 players take up the mantle of one of the famous Dracula-hunters. Picking up clues here and there, trying to keep themselves as hidden as possible, lest Dracula find them and take them out before their advantages can be pressed, they must work together to root out any evil that Dracula is causing, and of course, they must survive a final showdown with the vampire lord.