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Furidion Games is closed

Furidion Games have closed and will no longer be offering their games. From their website:
Regretfully, we have had to cease operations. There is only so much time in a day so we're calling it one. Unfortunately this means game over for both the M2: Miniature Motorsport and Unbridled Fury projects as they stand, because I cannot realistically support these projects any longer. So a massive thankyou to all of you out there who downloaded, and later bought, Unbridled Fury (and M2, of course). It has been a fun six years. Hope to see some or all of you over a gaming table somewhere, sometime... For those who want to keep up with me, I'll be over at for the time being, and can be contacted there. I'm also continuing on Twitter as @Gaterohnn. Until then, be well. May all of your dice roll just the way you want them to. It's time to move on.