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Funforge launches ZNA Board Game Kickstarter

Funforge has launched their Kickstarter campaign for ZNA, their new zombie survival board game. This cooperative board game is set in Boston in the year 2025. The city has been overrun by a mysterious fog that horribly mutates all that come into contact with it. The players must make their way through the rubble, trying to complete the scenario (there are a bunch of different ones) while fighting off horrible monstrosities and doing their best not to let the fog contaminate them as well.

The game also has an option app that can help streamline play as well as bring in new scenarios and effects for the game.

They've already made their funding goal, and they've posted all their stretch goals, so you can see which ones are coming up as they continue to go along for the next 27 days.


From the campaign:

ZNA is a cooperative survival boardgame that takes place in Boston, in 2025.

The city has been struck by a storm of dark smoke that the inhabitants will later call “the Fog”. This fog destroys everything in its path, leaving behind it a world plunged into chaos. Nobody knows the exact extent of the damage. The Fog concentrates as it settles over the areas it hits, making them dangerous, almost impassable, and infested with threatening mutants.

Indeed, the vast majority of the population seems to have been infected by the Fog. Those who were not killed have been contaminated to the point of transforming into violent and ruthless creatures with superhuman abilities. Their only motivation appears to be the constant hunt of the survivors.

Together, you will progress across the modular game board, searching for equipment, swapping objects with one another, looting chemical storage facilities in order to mix up concoctions for various uses, and most of all, fight the Fog and the mutants it created.

ZNA is designed to offer players a large variety of choices and configurations, with first class-material. Find out the origins of the Fog, what happens to the survivors, and much, much more in 12 original scenarios.