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Funded Card Game Now Available

As you probably noticed, there's a lot of Kickstarter campaigns running right now. Last year I noticed that March was really the time things got rolling. But this year, February seems to be the kickoff to many of the campaigns. Now, I have nothing against Kickstarter at all. I think it's a great way to get games that might not otherwise be published out there to the masses. Raising money for a product can be a very difficult thing. In fact, trying to get your product funded and created is just the idea in Funded, a new card game (that's available now. It's not on Kickstarter).

In the game players come up with an idea for a new product and are looking to get it created. You have to develop your business, hire the best and brightest to be part of your corporate team, raise money, and sabotage rivals as you all try and get your product into every home on Earth. The game is designed to be humorous, but also a bit of a learning tool for those that might be looking to start their own business.

Note: there's an auto-play video with sound through the link. You have been warned (nearly blew my own ears out when I first went to their page, as I was listening to a great rendition of Il Trovatore at the time. And that song is meant to be played loudly).