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Fun to 11 running Epic PvP: Fantasy Card Game Kickstarter

Fun to 11 is running a Kickstarter campaign for Epic PvP: Fantasy, their new card game where you pick a race, pick a class, shuffle, and fight!
If you want to try it before you buy it, there's a print-and-play version on their site you can download.
They've already passed their funding goal (by a couple times over) and have added a bonus deck with the help of AEG.


From the campaign:

Whether you choose a traditional combo like the Human Paladin or an unconventional one like the Goblin Barbarian, the choice is yours. Gameplay is fast and furious and so much fun that when the game is over you'll want to make another character and play again. THIS is what Epic PvP: Fantasy is all about.

Designed by veteran game designers Ryan Miller and Luke Peterschmidt, Epic PvP: Fantasy is a game that is equally at home at a hardcore game night as it is in a coffee shop or at the family dinner table. Set up couldn't be simpler – just choose which fantasy race/class combo you want to play, shuffle those two decks together and battle.

Below you'll find more information on Epic PvP. And thanks to our partner AEG, all backers will be getting a bonus deck. AEG let their Vanguard volunteers vote on what that deck would be. They picked Samurai. Surprise Surprise...