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Full Thrust Scenario Booklet – BattleStar Galactica: Blood & Steel

Full Thrust Scenario Booklet – BattleStar Galactica: Blood & Steel

Mechworld has released their fan-made Full Thrust scenario booklet. This booklet brings Full Thrust to BattleStar Galactica.


From the release:

Hello Commanders!

For five years the Hamburger Tactica was THE show for us, to reveal our latest project for everyone to see. This year we tried a new type of scenario for Full Thrust. And this is what we came up with: Battlestar Galactica Blood & Steel!

Players take control of a Battlestar to face the cylon threat. In numbers:

4 Battlestars in 1:4105 scale, completely painted and lit with custom made LED lighting
4 Basestars in 1:4105 scale, also painted and lit
500 fighters including: Viper, Raider and Raptor
1 completely new designed spacemat in 2,50m x 1,50m size
1 fully colored, 60 page scenario booklet with artwork, fan fiction and special rules for Blood & Steel

This booklet now comes as free digital download to you. You will find everything to take a dive into the Battlestar Galactica universe and play your own Full Thrust gaming rounds.

There is a german and a english PDF-version in our Download-Section on our website.

Our next shows:
12. April 2014 – SALUTE – London ExCel, UK
10. & 11. May 2014 – RPC – Cologne fair, Germany

We hope you enjoy reading and playing!

So say we all!
Your Team!