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Full Thrust Fleet Packs back at GZG

Ground Zero Games are once again offering their Full THrust Fleet Packs. From their announcement:
A quick heads-up to let you all know that the Intro Fleet, Starter Fleet and Mega Fleet packs are now back up on the store - go to the Full Thrust ships menu and look for the "Fleet Packs" page at the bottom! As we've had to increase prices across almost all of the individual FT ship line, naturally we've had to adjust the prices of the pack deals too - we've done this partly by amending the pack prices, but also in some cases adjusting the numbers of ships in the packs - but in all cases you are still getting a very considerable saving over the cost of buying the ships individually. We have moved the "double pack" fleet deal from the Starter fleets to the smaller Intro Fleets, which you can now buy as a single or double fleet deal. We've also re-listed the FT Mystery Fleet Pack and the FT "Ravagers" Pirate Ship Pack, you'll find these on the same page as the other fleet deals.