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Fuel Injection Games' Nuclear Winter Sale Happening Now

We all like getting a good deal. It's fun to save money. And the folks at Fuel Injection Games want to help out with that. From now until January 10th, they've got their Nuclear Winter Sale happening over in their webshop. So if you want to head over and pick up anything for their Broken Axles game, all of it is 20% off.

From the announcement:

Santa, the legendary Paragon of Wasteland Benevolence, has graced the wintry sands of the Endless Desert at this most festive of times, dispensing gadgets and fiery justice from his eight-engine slay.

From December 10th to January 10th, the entire Broken Axles range is 20% off, including the Complete Rulebook on Wargame Vault!

There's nothing quite like a road battle in the blazing desert heat to warm you up in the chilly depths of winter!