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FryxGames launches Fleets - the Pleiad Conflict on Kickstarter

FryxGames has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Fleets, a new sci-fi board game.



From the campaign:

Just when you thought you'd seen them all, here comes yet another space conflict game. What makes this one different from the rest? A lot, as you will see.

In Fleets, each player buys unique mother ships with spaces for upgrades and escort ships. These can be organized in different ways, and your choices will determine the outcome. Do you want a strong, aggressive fleet, a diplomatic fleet, or maybe a resource extractor fleet?

Once your fleets are constructed, they are deployed to star systems, where they will engage in diplomatic actions and battles. At the end of the round, all surviving fleets on the game board will receive rewards. Any fleet that is the sole controller of a system scores 1 VP. First player to reach 7 VPs is the winner.