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Frothers' Charity Fundraiser Update

Frothers' Charity Fundraiser Update:

From their announcment:

Thanks to everyone that has so generously already donated to this year's fundraiser. The total raised so far is now over £3,300!

The 'bad' news is that the allocation of the metal version of 'Sasha' (being sculpted by Tre Manor of Red Box Games and cast by The have all gone :(

The 'good' news is that Ed from Troll Forged Miniatures has, most generously, offered to cast another 120 in his 'Trollcast' plastic/resin mix.

For those that haven't been following his experiments in spin-castings plastic have a look here:

So if you haven't donated already and want to get a copy of 'Sasha' make a donation to one (or both) of the Just Giving links:

MS Research:

Cancer Research:

and please don't forget to add your user name and TGN to the comments box.

Because of logistics (Ed being on the 'wrong' side of the pond) these will obviously take a bit longer to be supplied.