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Frothers' Charity Drive update

The Frothers' Charity Drive has a new limited edition set of figures available with proceeds going to charity. Purple Angels From their announcement:
Not content with moulding all three figures, producing the TR masters (so the production mould could be made) and running off a few sets for some top paint monkeys to work their magic on, Tim and Mark at Grey Matter Figures wanted to do something else. So they've gone and cast a one-off set of Master Castings of this year's Charity Figures cast in Funky Purple Resin Cool. This is a strictly one off - the moulds are destroyed so there can't be any more at a later date. The sculpts were done by Andrew Rae (Statuesque Miniatures), Kevin White (Hasslefree Miniatures) and Seb Archer (Guild of Harmony) The set is up on eBay. All proceeds are going to the MS Society For those awaiting their set of the metal production castings there's some good news as well.... Griffin Moulds have found time in their busy schedule and completed the casting run. These will be on route to Hasslefree Miniatures after the weekend. Once they're there I'll be contacting donors for their details.