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Frontline Games new releases and Facebook page

Frontline Games have several new releases as well as a new fan page on Facebook. More Zombies From their announcement:
Two new items have been released for Frontline Game - Zombie Dazes. 32 Event Card Set – This set adds random events to the game of Zombie Daze. Event Cards are dealt randomly every turn to players! They enable the players to play random events on them selves and their opponents so no two games will ever be the same. Players can cause their opponents to trip, run faster, or even come back from the dead! More Zombies! - This boxed set contains 10 additional fine cast metal miniatures so you can add even more undead/infected to your games of Zombie Daze. These items are now in our web store ready for purchase. In addition we have launched our Facebook page so you can now follow us on Facebook and get all the latest news here: As always, we will see ya on the Frontlines.