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Frontline Games launches

Zombie Daze box coverFrontline Games is now open for business offering a series of miniatures games and figures. From their announcement:
Frontline Games officially released our games and launched our website today. Although there is still some work to be done there, you can now visit the site and have a look at all the cool games there – In the forefront of the launch and release is our newly-released game… Zombie Daze– Dawn of the Apocalypse! Like all of our Core games, Zombie Daze comes with several miniatures, rules, charts, templates and anything else you need to play the game:
  • Zombie Daze special Rule book
  • Frontline Skirmish base Rule book
  • Quick Reference charts
  • Counters & templates
  • 10 various Zombie miniatures
  • 3 Survivor miniatures
  • 3 Undead/ Infected Characters (2 Crazies and a Mutie)
  • 1 Blood Horror!
  • Character cards
  • Equipment cards & Supply cards
  • Dice and dry erase marker
  • Activation cards
  • Templates & counters.
We have officially released the following games.
  • Uber Soldat – From out of the ashes Germany will rise again!
  • American Gangster – Conflict between Gangs and Law enforcement in the early 20th Century
  • Alien Attack – Man vs. Alien for dominance of the Earth!
  • For the Fatherland! – Uber Soldat Expansion
  • Payback! – Uber Soldat Expansion
  • Alien reinforcements – Alien Attack Expansion
  • M.I.B.E.A.N.S.S. – Alien Attack Expansion
  • Moonshiners! – American Gangster Expansion
These games are available for sale in our web store and other retailers listed on our site.