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Frontline Games deals at is offering several special offers on products from Frontline Games. Frontline Games products From their announcement: is stocking all the new games from Frontline Games For a limited time we will be running a promotional offer. We are offering bundled deals at special introductory prices which are as follows: Zombie Daze starter set More Zombies boxed set Event Cards set Bundle deal - $97.00 ($40.00 savings) American Gangster starter set Moonshiners expansion set Bundle deal - $75.00 ($20.00 savings)
Alien Attack Starter set Alien Reinforcements expansion set M.I.B.E.A.N.S.S expansion set Bundle Deal - $60.00 ($20.00 savings) Uber Soldat starter set Payback expansion set For the Fatherland expansion set Bundle deal - $95.00 ($35.00 savings) Each bundle includes loads of miniatures (in some cases terrain and models) and all the rules up to date with an excellent price - This is for a very limited time