Frontline Gamer is 1yr old

By Polar_Bear
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May 19th, 2012

The Frontline Gamer is turning 1 year old. *snifflesniffle* They grow up so fast.

The Frontline Gamer Blog is one year old, and I plan on celebrating with my readers. Luckily plenty of companies felt that it was a decent enough occasion to crack out some awesome present for you all. There plenty for everyone from signed rulebooks to scenery, from awesome miniatures to boardgames. Once again thanks to evryone for reading the Blog and being awesome!!!

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  • TomasT

    Only 1 year, and yet so extensive, and getting freebies from everyone?

    Good job, and gratz!

    • SirAngry

      Thanks Tomas, I really wasn’t expecting so many people to be willing to give up so many cool prizes truth be told. There were some spoil sports. 😉

      But on the whole everyone was great. Thanks for the compliments as well. Hopefully the prizes might entice more people to stop by and take a look at what I do.


  • cama

    Happy Birthday to you,

    Happy Birthday to you,

    Happy Birthday dear Frontline Gamer –

    Happy Birthday to you!


    • SirAngry

      Awesome… now where’s my cake?


  • Congratulations, a well written and interesting blog imo.

    • SirAngry

      Thanks for the compliment. What’s really nice is that nobody has called me an r’tard yet and threatened to cut my heart out with a blunt spoon… not too sure whether that’s a good or a bad thing.

      Any way glad people seem to enjoy what I produce, I’m hoping I’ll be able to spread the love with the free stuff a bit more often too!!!