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Frontline Command WWII full version released

Frontline Command WWII coverFrontline Games have released the full version of their Frontline Command WWII rules. From their announcement:
Frontline Command WW II Full Version is now released. In 2009 we released the “pre-release” version and now the 2011 Full-Color Illustrated (Full Version) is here and packed with information.
  • The new book is double the size of the pre-release!
  • Filled with illustrations from cover to back!
  • Quick-play charts & blank unit squad sheets
  • Five pages of full-color blast templates, markers, and more
  • Army lists for 4 nations: German, United States, British, and Russian
  • Over a dozen historically-based tank data cards, so your armor plays like it was meant to be.
  • Covers all aspects of W.W.II land combat (Armor, Infantry, Artillery, Air support and more)
  • New rules for play & information such as color charts, terrain rules/explanations. Also included are new movement rules for infantry and armor.
  • Painting guides, and a whole lot more
Copies may be purchased from our online store and As we always say here, see ya on the frontlines!