Front Rank post late 17th century range details

Front Rank Figurines have posted details of some of the new releases that will be part of their new late 17th century range. From their website:
28mm new range to cover the period 1685 -1700 suitable for :-
  • The Monmouth Rebellion - 1685
  • The Irish Wars - 1689 to 1691
  • The War Of The Grand Alliance - 1689 to 1697
The new range available June 2010. Alec says - "design progress is going well and I intend having approx 50 figures available as the first releases for this range in June 2010. The first releases will consist of
  • Flintlock Musketeers
  • various late 17C Grenadiers
  • Command figures
Pikemen and Matchlock Musketeers should be available for Aug/Sept with the Cavalry following in the Autumn 2010."